Catalyst, it’s not just about the environment…

Catalyst, it’s not just about the environment…


In the US state of California, police caught a gang of kidnappers of automobile catalysts. This is reported by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s official Twitter account.

According to the district police officers, the number of catalysts theft has quadrupled in a year. Law enforcement officers had to carry out a special operation in the city of Santa Clarita, as a result of which 19 people were detained.

They stole $ 750,000 worth of catalysts.

However, despite the successful operation, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department asks car owners to park in well-lit areas and, if possible, within the coverage area of ​​CCTV cameras.

Inside the catalyst there is a block with a structure like a honeycomb, and a very thin layer of precious metals – palladium, iridium, platinum and others – is applied to the walls of these honeycombs. Manufacturers do this in order to reduce their environmental impact. The fact is that when in contact with this layer, gases reduce their toxicity.

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