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Intensive development of the automotive industry and an overwhelming desire of people to acquire their own machine lead to the fact that today there is growing number of vehicles, and this in turn causes severe environmental pollution. The results of numerous studies suggest that the exhaust from cars is no less dangerous than the emissions of large enterprises of the industrial sector. The main danger is the high concentration of toxic substances, which are distributed at a minimum height above ground level.

To reduce emissions of toxic gases and chemical compounds in our days, there are different measures, one of which is the installation of automotive catalytic Converter. These special devices are built into the exhaust system and make harmful substances is safe for the atmosphere and human. Buy catalyst high quality at reasonable prices in Ukraine on the site

The purpose of automobile catalytic converters

Need to use catalytic converters arises from the fact that the engine is not completely burnt fuel. If the combustion occurred in 100%, then out of the exhaust pipe would have just been carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water. But unfortunately, this degree of combustion is almost impossible to get.

Thanks to the catalysts of the toxic substances contained in the exhaust gases, enter into certain chemical reactions (post-combustion, oxidation, etc.). The result out of the exhaust pipe output is already cleaned and neutral compounds, which had little impact on the atmosphere. For performing chemical reactions of emissions in the design of the converters there are special metals (platinum, palladium, rhodium) that are used to spray the honeycomb with a honeycomb structure.

Types of automotive catalytic converters

The principle of operation of catalytic converters are determined by the type of the devices, the choice of which depends on the amount and composition of exhaust gases, as well as the type of motor (ignition is effected by compression or spark ignition). The most common are such catalysts are:

  • Oxidative. These devices carry out the processing of toxic carbon and hydrocarbons with obtaining water vapor. Oxidation catalysts are installed in machines, engines which are ignited by compression.
  • Recovery. The main task of these converters is the removal from exhaust gas of nitric oxide.
  • Redox. Such a catalyst is versatile and multifunctional, as it effectively eliminates all kinds of harmful components of automobile exhaust. Modern redox converters allow you to remove up to 90% of toxic substances from exhaust gases.

Automotive catalysts only operate at the temperature from 300 degrees Celsius, so the internal cell structure with thin partitions between the cells are continuously exposed to overheating. Because of this, the converters have a limited life (about 100-120 thousand km mileage). To accelerate the wear of SOT can use low-quality fuel, mechanical punches. In case of failure as soon as possible to change the old catalyst with new, since the drive with the faulty Converter leads to high levels of atmospheric pollution, rapid engine wear, reduced traction, increased fuel consumption. In addition, you can obtain a large fine for violations of environmental standards.

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