Catch fish big and heavy: the first penalty for overloading

Catch fish big and heavy: the first penalty for overloading


The car caught in violation of the size and weight standards moved with an excess of 39% of the permissible axle load. The fine was UAH 51 thousand.

On October 1, the automatic weighing system of trucks in motion using WiM (Weight in Motion) complexes was fully operational in Ukraine. The first offender was identified on the same day and immediately received the maximum penalty in the form of a fine of UAH 51,000, the Ministry of Infrastructure reported.

“It is symbolic that the first automatic penalty for overloading is immediately the maximum. The truck was moving in excess of 39% of the permissible axle load. This proves once again that the control function is key in the issue of preserving the objects of the Big Construction, “- noted in the message.

Location map of WiM-complexes from UkrAvtodor

WiM systems monitor the traffic load on the roads around the clock. Special equipment is installed in the road surface, as well as above the road on special metal structures. Sensors record vehicle parameters: weight, dimensions and license plates.

From June to September, the system worked in test mode without real fines and during this time recorded 25,166 violations. If fines were issued during the specified period, their amount would have amounted to UAH 879,274,000.

Today, the system collects data on the movement of vehicles at 52 sites across the country. As specified in the Ministry of Infrastructure, on the eve of the launch of automatic fixation complexes, the frequency of violations decreased by almost three times compared to the summer.

For violation of size and weight standards from 5 to more than 30% of road carriers are now fined in the amount of UAH 8,500 to 51,000.

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