Catch the new DDPai vidoreistr! ROZIGRAS


DDPai MINI 3 is a cool gadget for cars.

Perche, the model is writing video in 2.5K HD format with a 140 ° angle view. In a different way, the attached eMMC memory is 32 GB. Thirdly, the new reality technology “Sense Reality 1.0” is installed. Four-and-a-half, the DDPai MINI 3 car rearrangement can adjust the zyomka cut by 270 °. In addition, a small, ale-taut analyzer for a triaxial sensor and a Wi-Fi module, a new generation of the Huawei Hisilicion Hi35562 graphics processor and an option to guard the parking lot.

Zatsikavilisya DDPai MINI 3 and don’t mind, how did you live without a new one before? Mi rozpovimo, how to otrimat tsei vidorestrator bezkoshtovno.

Mind you play the DDPai MINI 3 video editor:

For the ear, you need to go to your Instagram and Facebook profile. Let’s give a photo with your car from any angle and #wantddpai before a skin post. Bazhaєmo success! It will be possible to search “randomly” (by the service for additional hashtags from Facebook and Instagram 10 breast, and the result will be published on our side of Facebook. Bazhaєmo success!

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