Caterham Seven 170 has become a new base model of the brand

Caterham Seven 170 has become a new base model of the brand


In April, the British company Caterham Cars came under the control of the Japanese, and the new Seven 170 model meets a number of requirements for key cars. Coincidence? Exactly. The Suzuki gasoline turbo engine with a volume of 660 “cubes” gives out with a five-speed “mechanics” 85 hp, 116 Nm, exceeding the key-car limit of 64 forces. Acceleration to 60 mph (96.5 km / h) takes 6.9 seconds, top speed reaches 169 km / h. The predecessor Seven 160 (81 hp, 107 Nm) is endowed with similar dynamics, which is not considered a kei car.

The number “170” refers to power density, which is the number of British “horses” per tonne. With a curb weight of 440 kg, the newcomer has become the lightest serial “seven” in history. In addition, it is the shortest and narrowest: 3180x1470x1090 mm (all brothers are at least 105 mm wider).

The release is displayed on the left side. The suspension is road and sports. At the front are disc brakes with twin-piston calipers. The Avon ZT7 tires come with 14-inch Juno alloy wheels in three colors. The Momo steering wheel (optional) makes 1.93 turns from lock to lock. The seat frame is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar. Leather, suede and vinyl are available for an extra charge.

Quote from the description: “The new incarnation of the beloved” seven “rises from the depths of the coronavirus-riddled news like a small bird Phoenix and follows in the humble footsteps of its predecessor, observing Japanese rules for kei cars.” The video shows the roadster as a bully.

The 170th has already begun picking orders in the UK, with prices starting at £ 22,990 ($ 31,500) for the road version of the Seven 170S. A track Seven 170R with a stiffer suspension costs a thousand more (£ 23,990; $ 33,000). Options will be typed for the same amount, for example, “premium” and “exclusive” body colors (twenty in total) will cost 500-1000 pounds (700-1400 dollars), the number “7” on the grill requires 75 pounds ($ 100).

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