Celebrating a stunt jump LEGEND: Behind the scenes of Top Gear’s Eddie Kidd OBE tribute

Celebrating a stunt jump LEGEND: Behind the scenes of Top Gear’s Eddie Kidd OBE tribute


Series Director Jon Richards explains how the stunt show celebrating legendary daredevil Eddie Kidd OBE’s career was put together. Featuring international stunt rider Terry Grant, freestyle stunt rider Lee Bowers and newcomer to the motorcycle jump scene, Paddy McGuinness.Watch the full film in the first episode of the new series of . Available on BBC iPlayer now. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

welcome to mmd linum this is going to be a big one we’re celebrating the life of eddie kidd we’re going to bring him down here and give him an event of his life if eddie hadn’t had done what he did in the day it wouldn’t pave the way for entertainers now everyone saw him as a youngster he’s a big inspiration to me motorbikes is my life he paved the way for people like me to have a career he was the king of jumps he pioneered it so in honour of him we’ve got the best in the business we’ve got stunting stunt crews we’ve got fmx team we’ve got terry grant and his drift cars for me it’s a great honor to be able to honor eddie kidd and be part of this display team overwhelmed really you know to have the opportunity to be a part of something as big as this is huge for us you know such an honor and a privilege yeah big deal is eddie a lot to do a lot to rehearse a lot to get through it is tense this whole thing has been orchestrated by terry grant total legend rode with eddie kidd back in the day so for him it’s a major deal this is huge for him this for me personally is a big thank you back for eddie the whole background behind this stunt a the production team contacted me which i’m really grateful for the producer that was on this and now a number of producers come in as well to help him it’s grown behind me here this is the fmx crew we’ve got two kickers and two landing ramps dr dan whitley is our kind of head honcho he’s running a great team and currently we’re just doing a little test to make sure the ramps are sweet and damp conditions there’s just so much going on there’s there’s the freestyle there’s lee bowers on the superbike you’ve got the drift guys this yeah it’s it’s just a whole kind of a bang of of excitement so i’m very privileged to be a part it’s gonna be absolutely epic this gonna be amazing and a very fitting tribute as well i think everyone’s gonna absolutely love this episode i can’t wait to see it all going properly i think we’re just about to go for a full dress rehearsal night we’ve had to skip this just to wet for the minute right next time the rain is coming in which is the worst thing we can do the fmx guys can’t lay on the jump i mean this is getting like sketchy and we’ve just had a guy bail over there so we’re on the edge a little bit right so we’re running a bit over he’s going to be absolutely buzzing tonight he’s going to be buzzing okay oh wow he’s going to love it course he is who’s not going to love it jumping through a fire hoop my jaw no i’m like oh chatting to him earlier he seems totally up for it after the event i don’t know yeah yeah yeah i’ll just say if there is any accidents scrub that bit of at me saying now we’re fine it was quite amazing that i i said to my dad like i was coming up to do bits and pieces and that has a bit of a tribute and he was like ah i laid underneath eddie kid when he jumped at brown’s hatch it is going to be emotional for sure i know i’ll have a cheer in my eye it’s an absolute honor to be able to perform for eddie kidd it’s going to be super cool to show off to him what we can do and just pay tribute to him eddie was one of those people that that said you can do it and he did it i’ve been with eddie other times and had a tear in my eye that were really emotional one that sticks to mind is we were working together where he had his accident and it was 10 years since he had his accident yeah you know it puts a lump in your throat and we’re all here for that one reason and it’s to celebrate you know eddie you know and his achievements so yeah for sure it’s emotional for all of us and he asked me to take him around in his wheelchair where he landed and crashed and we stayed there for half an hour he didn’t really talk much he was emotional for sure for me this is unbelievably special it’s like hats off to a great inspiration for me as a kid you know i remember him doing all the things great wall of china all that stuff the wheelies and everything and so to have him here on top gear and to give him a show like this is an absolute honour total privilege you

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