Changan is going to sell 4.5 million cars worldwide

Changan is going to sell 4.5 million cars worldwide


The Chinese automaker shared its ambitious plans for the next few years with a new business strategy.

The automaker spoke about the new development strategy at the 17th conference on the development of the auto industry in China. At this event, Changan shared his plans for the next nine years.

So, by 2030, the company wants to go international with annual sales of 4.5 million cars, according to the Chinese Cars portal. This was announced by the executive vice president of the brand Li Wei.

He recalled that in recent years, Changan has been developing two important projects in parallel: the first is related to research in the fields of ecology and safety, and the second is related to alternative energy sources.

Currently, the Chinese automaker has invested 10 billion yuan (about $ 1,548,300) in the development of these two areas.

And the company has already achieved notable success here. These are the Plus and Uni families (pictured), as well as the development of 48 new technologies in the domestic market and the creation of the innovative APA 7.0 automatic parking system. Now the brand is preparing the debut of the latest models with indexes C385 and E11, which will show what heights the company has achieved in recent years.

By 2025, Changan is set to reach 3 million annual sales, 35% of which will be EVs or hybrids. In another five years, the brand sets itself the goal of increasing auto sales to 4.5 million copies per year. Transport with alternative energy sources will already account for 60% here.

To achieve this, the brand develops the 6337 technology. 6 refers to the latest 6-level automotive architecture. The first three in the name symbolize “smart manufacturing”, “smart management” and also “smart products”, while the second is related to cloud data, feedback technology, and software.

The number “7” indicates seven innovative smart car technologies. This is a high-speed Internet, a powerful OS, a wide range of settings for microcircuits, screens, etc. Changan plans to spend 150 billion yuan (about $ 23,225,000) for the development of the 6337 plan over five years.

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