Changing the rules of registration of LPG: what do we get?

Changing the rules of registration of LPG: what do we get?


From 20 December 2019 to force significant changes on the part of check of LPG equipment, which caused a wave of indignation on the part of owners and majority of private companies engaged in the installation of LPG. The first lamented the fact that the cost of such procedures has increased significantly (from 400 UAH to 2000 UAH) and the second was angry for their own reasons. We will analyze them below, but for now let’s explore what are the benefits of being the owner of the vehicle at the gas control under the new rules.

The increase in the price of the product under the laws of the market must always be justified. From the moment when Ukraine refused system Ukr SEPRO, and private installers of LPG equipment, it was, lost the right to issue certificates of conformity, the only possible way of mandatory changes in the technical passport of the car converted was an appeal to the independent evaluators within the body for conformity assessment.

Who are the conformity assessment bodies, and on what grounds do they work?

This structure has always existed and for many years offered its services to the population. However, their cost is significantly exceeded average market indicators. A HUNDRED engaged in the installation of gas systems, it was possible to obtain certification for 300-400 UAH, not wasting a minute of free time. Arrived, put the equipment in, paid, got the certificate the scheme is very simple. At the same time, the official assessment bodies to carry out procedures for several days and I asked for this about 2000 UAH. User choice is obvious.

However, few people think the reasons for the substantial difference in price policies. We decided to find out and to analyze the actions of each opponent:

  • One HUNDRED engaged in the installation of LPG, and the system Ukr SEPRO. Such an organization after installing equipment machines were given the relevant document without any additional checks. Usually, she had the forms purchased in advance from the relevant laboratories. The only thing required to complete the official procedure to sign.
  • The conformity assessment bodies. They pledge to include in its staff specialists, to cooperate with a specially equipped and certified laboratories, to undergo regular checks by state controlling authorities. Once in the hands of such artists, a car with LPG undergoes a series of tests on modern equipment, which is accompanied by fixation processes in the video recording to create evidence in case of dispute.

Naturally, the cost of a full test cycle in the second case is much higher. And in fact, the shadow STO sell “air” in the form of certificates, are backed only by the authority of a particular laboratory. The conformity assessment bodies to offer absolutely real and very useful service. In addition, they are constantly monitored by National Agency of accreditation of Ukraine in case of violation of the rules can quickly lose its license for the provision of services.

Areas of responsibility

One important caveat concerns the responsibility for providing substandard services. Before, if a HUNDRED set of defective gas equipment or installation conducted in violation of the rules, with the result that there was an emergency situation, all penalties fall on this artist. But do not forget that many stations are working without registration and can easily disappear if needed.

Getting a certificate of conformity in the official organ, such situations are eliminated in full. In case of violations, the occurrence of faults in the system of LPG because of its improper state and the manifestation of other troubles on the solely responsible. Each division providing similar services, on a mandatory basis is insured against damage to third parties. This means that you, as the injured party, can count on full reparation, both material and moral.

What does the car owner for 2000 UAH?

Changes in legislation have led to a number of disturbances in the LPG market, and some of them are unequivocally positive:

  • the likelihood of installing substandard equipment is minimized;
  • even a small service station are now forced to provide services at the European level and contain a staff of the independent appraiser (otherwise, they will lose the competition in the market);
  • the certificate of conformity issued by a HUNDRED or in a formal evaluation unit, is legally binding and can later be used as an effective tool to protect the interests of the user.

From myself I will add that to eliminate the possibility of poor installation of LPG system, trusting only proven suppliers of such equipment. Material prepared by partner site – Internet-store LPG

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