Chapter Volvo: coronavirus will accelerate the process of electrification of the automotive industry

Chapter Volvo: coronavirus will accelerate the process of electrification of the automotive industry


CEO of Volvo håkan Samuelsson shared his thoughts on how to change the car market after the end of the pandemic COVID-19. He believes that the infection “shake” will accelerate the shift to electric vehicles, making them more popular. People in big cities will abandon personal cars, and subscription services will be more.

Samuelsson is confident that the market in the era of postpandemic will dominate electric cars, but the top Manager did not explain why making such a conclusion.

“Electrification will be accelerated, – quotes the words of håkan CGTN. – It is naive to believe that in a few months all will return to normal and buyers will come to showrooms asking them to sell a diesel car – they will ask for more electric vehicles. And it will happen more and more often”. Apparently, the head of Volvo is counting on the support from governments of different countries, because then he says that “authorities need to spend money on the promotion of new technologies, not old.”

Now Volvo has only one electric car – the Volvo XC40 Recharge P8 AWD. The compact crossover received two electric motors with a combined impact of 408 horsepower and 660 Nm of torque, and the traction battery 78 kilowatt-Cham. Mileage on a single charge – “more than 400 kilometers.”


Also Samuelsson believes that will change the very form of car ownership: people will be more likely to abandon the purchase of personal cars in favor of subscription services and leasing.

“The concept of personal cars in the city have outlived their usefulness”, – stressed håkan, although skeptics do not agree with him.

The majority believes that after the pandemic, people, on the contrary, will avoid public transport and change on personal. However, the head of Volvo believes that the inhabitants of the cities are simply to walk more or ride bikes, but cars as such will not solve the problem.

As for drones, the projected Samuelsson, they’ll appear soon. Although robotic taxi that can move independently in a limited area and in good weather, you can go on the road in the coming years. By this time Volvo itself will present an improved version of the architecture of the SPA 2, which will have hardware support for advanced versions of Autonomous driving.

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