“Charged” BMW M5 2001 release with minimal mileage put on sale

“Charged” BMW M5 2001 release with minimal mileage put on sale


We are talking about the BMW M5 E39, which rolled off the Assembly line in 2001. The car is in good condition.

In the Internet appeared the announcement of the sale of the “charged” BMW M5 2001 model year. Relevant information can be found on the eBay marketplace. Is BMW M5 E39 still considered by many to be the most stylish and beautiful of all the cars 5-series. However, finding such a car in good condition is not so easy. The copy offered for sale has very low mileage – 10 of 375 miles (16,700 km).

From the exterior we note the black color of body and rich for that time equipment – the Arsenal includes panoramic roof, xenon headlights and original wheels with ventilated brakes. Among the technical equipment of note climate control with automatic mode, cruise control, heated seats, satellite navigation. The interior is made of high quality leather.


Under the hood is set 4.9-liter power unit with a capacity of 400 HP, which works in tandem with 6МКПП.

Drive, as expected for the BMW M5, the rear wheels. The car can accelerate to 250 km/h and the first “hundred” takes only 5.2 seconds. The current owner is asking for the car an impressive amount of 59 950 USD.

I consider it the most beautiful of all the cars 5-series?

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