“Charged” Hispano Suiza Boulogne Carmen showed in the first teaser

“Charged” Hispano Suiza Boulogne Carmen showed in the first teaser


Spanish Hispano Suiza Fabrica de Automaviles, owned by the family of the founder of the original “Spanish-Suiza” Damian Mateu, published a teaser electric Grand Tourer Carmen Boulogne. It’s more powerful and faster version of the usual Carmen, made on motives of racing Hispano Suiza H6B.

Nickname rally Boulogne “Hispano-Suiza” H6B received after a series of victories in 1921-1923 in the Cup George Bojo around Boulogne. Now the name will get a special version electric Grand Tourer Carmen, which, according to the manufacturer, will be the most powerful, fastest and exclusive embodiment of the original “Carmen”. Details will be announced later, and while the company gave the opportunity to look at the first image of the machine.

“Charged” electric car Hispano Suiza Boulogne Carmen externally easily distinguished by the grille and accents around the body and copper-colored, pronounced front splitter and a carbon fiber body with visible weaving yarns. Powerplant – two electric motors on the rear axle with a total capacity of 750 kW (1020 HP) and T-shaped lithium-polymer battery up to 80 kilowatt-hours liquid cooled.


The debut of the Hispano Suiza Carmen hosted last spring. Externally, the car is similar to Dubonnet Xenia 1930-ies, and received its name in honor of the granddaughter of one of the founders of the original “Spanish-Suiza” Carmen Mateu.

Results will be released 19 copies Hispano Suiza Carmen. Production will be engaged in Spanish QEV Technologies, which specializiruetsya on the engineering of electric vehicles and the development of kit-kits for conversion of cars with internal combustion engines in the eco.

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