Charged in America: the Urals showed electric motorcycle

Charged in America: the Urals showed electric motorcycle

Famousn brand “Ural” is preparing the first all-electric prototype. The company said that it completed the first phase of the development of this bike.

The prototype was created on the basis of existing chassis St drive one wheel. Motor, battery, controller and other components from well-known American manufacturer Zero Motorcycles elektronikov.

The overall design was developed by a California company ICG. She also created the initial prototype. Zero has also provided engineering support during development and testing of the prototype.

“We always knew that our motorcycle with a sidecar is the perfect opportunity to design an electric motorcycle, because he can offer something that can not give a regular two-wheeled bikes – comfort for passenger, stability and security, not to mention plenty of space to accommodate the most bulky element electric bike – battery”, – said Ilya Khait, President and CEO of Ural Motorcycles.

“We are very pleased with the results of the experiment. This is still the good old Ural, but the electric power plant offers a brand new experience. It is very easy to control, thanks to low centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution. It is very stable thanks to its three wheels. It has no traction. All you need to do is open the throttle and steer. And he very quickly accelerated… for the Ural. In General, this is an awesome and very flexible bike that can be used almost like a car”.

“We went through several iterations in search of the best configuration for electric power plant,” says project Manager and Vice President of operations, Jason Re.

“One of the main tasks was the challenge to find the optimal solution for the location of the batteries – to maintain passenger comfort, not to deprive motorcycle of Luggage space and to preserve the stability inherent in three wheeled “Trucks”. The bike is intensively tested under real conditions – in the snow and in the rain, in the cold and in the heat, on the highways and city streets. We collected a lot of data that will be used in the next stages of the project. In the beginning I was very skeptical about the idea of building a electric bike on the basis of “Ural”, believing that the implementation of this plan is not even worth wasting time and resources, but now I am absolutely convinced of the opposite and look forward to the further development of our prototype”.

The company has no plans to start production of this bike. The final decision on this subject will be taken after careful market research and study the views of consumers and experts. After final decision is made, if it is positive, then according to the calculations of the manufacturer, the serial production will take about two years.

Electric prototype on the basis of the motorcycle “Ural” with a sidecar show at the Progressive Motorcycle Show in long beach, California, 16-18 Nov.

A little TTX. The power of the motor is equivalent to 60 PS (at 5 300 rpm.min). The maximum torque of 110 Nm. Time battery charge to 95% capacity from the usual outlets – 13 hours. Supply of Autonomous run – up to 165 km Maximum speed – 140 km/h. seat Height – 790 mm ground Clearance – 234 mm. Dry weight: 373 kg. Maximum weight – 600 kg.

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