“Charged” Skoda Octavia vRS will get a hybrid version

“Charged” Skoda Octavia vRS will get a hybrid version


The first hybrid vRS will produce about 250 HP of power and torque to 300 Nm.

The Czech automaker is planning to complement the range Octavia vRS. The standard version of the new Octavia generation was introduced at the end of last year, but new models under the brand vRS to debut at the Geneva motor show in March. For the first time in their lineup will include a plug-in hybrid. Sources at the company hinted that the new model will be the fastest and most focused on the wearing of the icon of the “charged” series of vRS.

The new hybrid version promises to offer the most powerful propulsion system ever seen in the Volkswagen Golf GTE. As before, there are also versions with 2.0-litre petrol and diesel engines, with the first promises even more power than its predecessor, where he developed 242 HP

However, sources suggest that a hybrid version will match gasoline in terms of a return. This means that now familiar combination of 1.4-liter gasoline unit with turbocharging and an electric motor coupled with automatic transmission DSG with double clutch, should give power of about 250 HP is Expected to be slightly slower than the standard petrol version – acceleration to 100 km/h will be of the order of 7.0 seconds.

The addition of the electric motor and is installed behind the battery pack (assuming its capacity is up to 13 kW/HR) adds to the weight in running order, of more than 200 kg, but this will be partially offset by instantly issued electrical torque and the ability to travel up to 50 km solely on electric power.

Conventional petrol engine is the fastest of the line Octavia vRS. Official information yet, but sources suggest that the familiar Volkswagen Group EA888 engine will be boosted to 250 HP, it is Expected that performance will improve compared to existing cars, and the sprint to 100 km/h takes about 6.5 seconds.


As before, a choice of automatic and manual transmission with double clutch. However, it is not confirmed whether or not PHEV or gasoline version of the electro-mechanical differential with limited friction VAQ Volkswagen Group. This equipment appeared in 245 vRS, so likely it’ll appear in versions with a pure gasoline engine.

It is expected that diesel performance TDI vRS will use essentially the same 2.0 litre engine as before, with a capacity of 181 HP, However, changes the internal components of the engine and its management system will ensure that the unit complies with the latest strict emissions regulations.

The date of release and prices of new items is still unknown, but the first deliveries are expected at the end of this year. The hybrid model plug-in may be the most expensive Octavia, which can cost up to 34 thousand pounds, or about 44 500 dollars.

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