“Charged” VW ID.4 GTX available to order

“Charged” VW ID.4 GTX available to order


In the home market, the next model of the electric ID family will cost at least 50 415 euros.

In Europe, Volkswagen dealers have begun placing orders for the new ID.4 GTX 4WD battery-powered SUV. Moreover, in Germany itself, buyers of a new electric car can count on a discount of 7,500 euros – with the help of such a subsidy, local authorities stimulate sales of electric cars.

The cost of the most budgetary ID.4 GTX in our money will exceed 50,415 euros. Electrocross will receive a twin-engine power plant, the total output of which is 299 horsepower.

A 77 kWh lithium-ion battery works in conjunction with electric motors. Without recharging, such a zero-emission crossover will travel 340 – 480 kilometers. Everything will depend on the traffic situation.

The new German electric car will accelerate to a hundred kilometers in 6.2 seconds, and its maximum speed was electronically limited to 180 km / h.

Recall that the GTX prefix in the future will receive the most high-performance models of the electric ID family.

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