Cheap and cheerful: KIA electric car at the price of subway fare

Cheap and cheerful: KIA electric car at the price of subway fare


Junior model KIA at the moment is the hatchback A-class Picanto, which recently has undergone restyling, but soon in the line Korean brand will appear even more compact and much more affordable model – the urban electric car, which should be a safe alternative to public transport in postcoronary era.

Debuted in February of this year, the Citroen Ami has become the most affordable electric vehicle on the European market. Its sale has started in France: for basic package asking only 6000 euros, taking into account the government’s eco-rebate (without her – 6900 euros). Why is it so cheap? What’s the catch? That is technically very simple vehicle, certified as a Quad bike, that is without modern security systems. Full battery capacity of 5.5 kWh only got 75 km on the WLTP cycle. Motor rating – 6 kW (8 HP). Maximum speed – 45 km/h. In body length 2410 mm fit only two people and 65 liters of Luggage. In General, does not go far.

It is unclear how success or failure will be the Citroen Ami, especially considering the fact that the basic model of its distribution is leasing/subscription/rentals, not direct sales, but KIA wants to do mine same model what in an interview with Auto Express reported operating officer of KIA Motors Europe, Emilio Herrera. Top Manager refers to the company survey, showing that the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 deterred the inhabitants of the cities from public transport, and 65% of respondents now want to travel by car (up to a coronavirus was 34%).


Therefore, the manufacturers opened a huge niche service scared, but not rich, and in large part, frankly, of the urban poor. Buy yourself a normal car, they can not, and even 6000 euros for them is often unbearable amount. But subscription or rent, especially long-term, a simple electrical “quadric” it is able to compete on price travel on bus/tram/metro.

Herrera calls the Citroen Ami main point of reference when designing the most affordable KIA models. And although work on it has just begun, expect the premiere in the following year, sales in 2022-m. No further information yet.

Currently in the KIA lineup, there are only conversion “trains”, that is made on the basis of models originally designed for mounting engine (e-Soul e-Niro). Only in the following year the Korean brand will introduce a completely original electric crossover in explanation of the concept Imagine sample 2019, and by 2025 in the KIA lineup will be the 11th of electric cars. Some of them, obviously, will receive the platform of the American startup Canoo, which in the beginning of this year Hyundai and KIA have entered into a partnership, but the development of “trolley” for a budget city car, as intimated Herrera, will direct KIA.

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