Chepachet: Audi Q7 2020 from 55.000€. How much “bad” machine?

Chepachet: Audi Q7 2020 from 55.000€. How much “bad” machine?


The hero of our today’s release was a restyled Audi Q7. Yes, now there are no discounts and package offers for this crossover is not offered. But there is the lowest in the world (according to the dealer) the starting price, as well as the richest in the class (according to importer) basic. So that the reasons for shooting “Chepachet” enough.

In this issue we tell you about all the innovations, the redesigned Q7, check the wireless Apple CarPlay, we’ll talk about our market motors and all-wheel drive. To explore the suspension will drive the car on a lift, and will also be surprised… after Seeing the list of available equipment “Ку7” carbon-ceramic brakes!

Listening to our subscribers, every season we try to diversify a little bit the issues of “Chepachet”. So today you will find not a typical test drive at the dealer’s standard route, and something a little more interesting. Check Q7 travel to offroad. Still AWD crossover!

Details in our review. Pleasant viewing!

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