Chepachet: BMW 520d xDrive at a discount of 14%

Chepachet: BMW 520d xDrive at a discount of 14%

“Beha, bahachka…”. No, not “semerochka”, as sung in this very popular composition. Today we have a “Chepachet”, focused more on the driver, the sedan BMW 5 Series (G30 in the body). The reason to remove the plot was very simple (and very important) – 14% discount for the rest of the warehouse “fives”.

To deal with these details was particularly interesting because we recently talked in detail about the main competitor of this BMW – Mercedes E-Class W213. Professional students will object: “Why compare them, and all so clear! Retirees want comfort, buy a Mercedes needs a real sport, give me the money for a BMW”. However, before you draw conclusions, you should inspect the issue before the end.

And Yes, in addition to the standard 5 Series, a little bit of time we will pay and truly “evil” M8 M5 Competition and Competition.

More information, as always, in our video. Pleasant viewing!

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