Chepachet: electric IONIQ for only $25.500? Electrosur from Hyundai?

Chepachet: electric IONIQ for only $25.500? Electrosur from Hyundai?


The civilized world has long been fighting for the improvement of the ecological situation on the planet. It is therefore not surprising that the percentage of electric cars globally from year to year is growing rapidly. Is no exception, and Ukraine: the number was “trains” we are one of the leaders. Here are most of them are grey imports.

What about the official cars? Today we talk about one of them under the heading “Chepachet”. After all this, we have a very good reason: “ball” the price in 25 $ 500 on Hyundai IONIQ Electric.

In addition to the standard analysis of price/specifications, characteristics and other things, we also answer a number of questions relevant for (potential) owners of electric cars:

  • Where and how to maintain an electric car in Ukraine?
  • As is the case with the charging of the electric vehicle?
  • What is the real range?
  • What is more profitable: Hyundai IONIQ, electric, diesel or Skoda Octavia?

IMPORTANT! In this story we’ll show you how to buy a new car during the period of quarantine, when closed, many salons and all service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

All the answers in our video. Pleasant viewing!

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