Chepachet: Lexus NX200 Sport+ is cheaper!

Chepachet: Lexus NX200 Sport+ is cheaper!


Not being the biggest fans of the brand, we are often left Lexus cars without special attention. But to deny the strong position of the brand in our market we can not. And the frequent requests from subscribers has also forced us to look again in the direction of Lexus and catch up.

You can already see the acquaintance with the “baby” Lexus UX, a full test drive of the Lexus RC and a detailed analysis of the Lexus RX. And, of course, to stop on reached we do not gather. So today’s “Chepachet” will be dedicated to another Lexus crossover NX.

We tried to fully disclose all sides of the Lexus NX by exploring prices model, the differences in its trim levels, engines, and other features. And also understand why not the most “fresh” car is the most popular in the class of premium compact crossovers.

Details in our video. Pleasant viewing!

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