Chepachet: New Nissan Navara NP300 with mnogorjadnoj back

Chepachet: New Nissan Navara NP300 with mnogorjadnoj back


The third generation Nissan Navara was introduced in 2015, but in Ukraine is stable the sale of this pickup truck was launched recently. Since the launch of the new generation until its recent appearance in our Navara had to go through a number of technical changes. For example, the diesel engine 2.3 is now equipped with two turbines not only to improve the boost to 190 HP, but also more simple option with a return of 163 power. Torque of the latter was increased to 425 Nm (instead of 403 Nm).

A small upgrade has been manual transmission (the previous 7-speed automatic transmission remained unchanged): optimized gear ratio and reduced vibration. And most importantly, Navara has become the first truck in our market, which offers customers spring multi-link rear suspension (as opposed to the usual for this class of car leaf spring).

Moreover, according to the manufacturer’s carrying capacity of a pickup truck is one of the best in the class grade is one of the richest, and the cost of a pickup is one of the lowest.

All of this is true, you will learn in today’s “Chepachet”. Pleasant viewing!

P. S. For a number of reasons in today’s series test drive will not. First, the dealer has no test vehicle. Second, we believe, the Navara is so interesting to check on the off-road to reveal all her abilities for a short “jog” would be impossible.

So we will take this truck for a full test. And that is not to miss… Well, you know the drill: “like the video, subscribe to the channel, the bell is for notifications”.

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