“Chepachet”: Skoda Kamiq. More than Karoq, and cooler than T-Roc?


Crossovers – a kind of “parasites” of the automotive world. They are slowly but surely dominate the minds of people, destroying that entire classes of cars. In the future their population will grow, and humanity will not be able to resist.

With one of their representatives we will look at today’s “Chepachet”. This is a new model respected by many of the brand Skoda compact crossover Kamiq.

And despite the fact that the newcomer is the most compact model in the lineup, its price was higher than on larger Karoq. On the other hand, the new SUV got a little bigger and cheaper Volkswagen T-Roc.

How so? We will talk in the video, but will also tell you how Skoda has surprised us with basic equipment, sit down with comfort people with the growth of 1.93 m for myself, what are the available engines and boxes, as well as whether to wait for the AWD version. Of course, don’t forget to “walk” through the competitors.

But test drive today. And no, not because we were lazy, and not even because shown Kamiq is so far the only in Ukraine. Just everything there was about this crossover to tell, you should already know from the test of Yaroslav.

Make yourselves comfortable. It will be interesting!

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