Chepachet: Subaru Outback. Better than the Forester?

Chepachet: Subaru Outback. Better than the Forester?


Despite the considerable army of fans of Subaru in Ukraine, to see the new car of the brand on our roads is becoming increasingly difficult. The reason for the relatively high price. However, the situation may change: the Japanese decided to make us a discount of $4000 on Subaru Outback and $3000 on Subaru Forester. And discounts on cars 2020! What’s the catch? Go to understand the format of “Chepachet”.

And today’s edition we decided to dedicate primarily to the Outback because with the updated version of the fifth generation of this model, we still do not know. But Forester details we have already dismantled nearly two years ago in an episode of “Chepachet”. And the team InfoCar have already tested it in the format test-drive, so it will mention in passing.

So, this issue awaits analysis of models and prices, a discussion of the technical component, the assessment of interior materials, measurement of clearance and test drive. Of course, we have not forgotten that before us all-wheel drive Subaru, it’s normal “ride” the city is not over.

All the details in the video. Pleasant viewing!

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