Chepachet: Volvo XC40. Special batch packing!

Chepachet: Volvo XC40. Special batch packing!


The original price of $50.000 for the base Volvo XC40 is perhaps a stretch, even for the most devoted fans of the brand. But a year after the start of sales of the Ukrainian importer still managed to knock our market interesting package offers.

So we went to the Volvo dealership to learn more to find out for You about this promotional offer.

In this edition of “Chepachet” You will learn in detail:

  • What is the current price (and up) on a batch of cars? And how much reduce the cost?
  • What is included in the basic package and how it differs from max?
  • What are the available engines?
  • How the suspension?
  • Really XC40 have the highest ground clearance in class?
  • Why are cars in the cabin do not have the company flag on the hood?
  • Who is currently the main competitors of the model?

On top of that, we will check the car on our perch and, as a bonus, illuminate the best route for a dealership test drive.

More information in our video. Pleasant viewing!

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