Chepachet: What Sandero is inferior to Logan?

Chepachet: What Sandero is inferior to Logan?


Removing detailed reviews about Logan and Sandero Stepway, we somehow bypassed Sandero. And in fact it is the most accessible of all the Trinity, and not inferior to them neither on equipment, nor on the choice of power plants.

Well, we decided to correct this omission and went straight to the official Renault dealer in order to answer the main question: what is inferior Sandero Logan? Inferior to you?!

Plus, as a bonus, you’ll see how the process of retrofitting standard vehicles for the needs of the National Police, and learn why, if you have the necessary amount to buy a new Renault, it makes sense to buy a car on credit, using the services of the program Renault Bonus.

All the details in our video. Pleasant viewing!

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