Chery and Geely stopped the shipment of cars in Russia

Chery and Geely stopped the shipment of cars in Russia


dealers Chery and Exeed have temporarily suspended the purchase of cars from the distributor, as well as the shipment of cars in our country.

The main reason was the volatility of the exchange rate ( media claim, but their data may be distorted or untrue, since the reasons may be an open invasion of the territory of Ukraine): due to significant changes in the value of the ruble, it is questionable were the purchase prices, as reported by representatives of Chery.

Logistics partners are working as usual, but purchases by dealers have been temporarily stopped – until purchase prices are clarified. At the same time, cars are available from dealers.

The company noted that both dealers and the distributor Chery and Exeed continue to work as usual: “There has been no price revision at the moment, we are watching the development of the situation together with the whole world.”

In addition, Geely temporarily suspended the shipment of cars to dealerships “to assess the economic situation, as well as due to difficulties encountered in the field of logistics.” Up-to-date information on price changes and the resumption of supplies is expected within a week.

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