Chery has expanded the range Jetour X70: the large SUV is the cheapest

Chery has expanded the range Jetour X70: the large SUV is the cheapest


The kindred 8 Tiggo SUV a new modification is the most affordable in the range. The motor one, but a choice of three configurations.

Brand Jetour was developed by Chery at the beginning of last year, the brand focused mainly on the youth audience. The first was a crossover X70, which shares a platform with the Chery Tiggo 8 (rear memorycache), and later to the typical “seventies” joined “Sportivnaya” version with the letter S and redraw facilities. In China, the family took on a rather warm: in January-October 2019 Jetour X70 has sold 100 419 copies, while “eight” Chery over the same period, gained 88 895 owners. Last April also showed the modification X70 Coupe (body did not change, this cross differs only in the decor), but to the dealers this version is not yet reached. But today Jetour announced the launch of its new base variant of its first model, it was called X70M.

The “emka” your design SUV received other front bumper and grille. The rear bumper and the square exhaust pipes moved from dorestaylingovyh “the seventies” (“just” X70 updated in August of this year). Headlights are the same as those from the “rich” version, but X70M for them simplified “stuffing”, in addition, this SUV is deprived of the “point” of led DRL. In addition, the “Ehmke” the only 17-inch wheels, while for the other modifications still has 18 – and 20-inch. While Jetour X70M was the biggest in the range – its length is 4755 mm 4720 mm at X70, and 4750 mm for the X70S. The wheelbase is the same for all versions – 2745 mm.

Inside the blue repeats X70 sample 2018, the differences from the updated cross – more simple materials, the availability of keys under the screen of the multimedia system (the restyled “seventies” some functions of the machine are rendered on a touchscreen) and a Central tunnel. Like other modifications, X70M available with five-, six – or seven-seat interior.

Cross entry level is offered in three trim levels. List of equipment, of course, gutted, it was removed from the chamber of the circular review, cruise control, wireless charging, monitoring system “blind” zones and warning about withdrawal from the occupied strip – all this stuff is available for “just” X70. What is left? ESP, rear view camera, system of care when lifting and virtual “tidy”. Also in the option for X70M available panoramic roof.

Jetour X70M

The engine is the same as the X70: “emka” is equipped with petrol “turboservice” SQRE4T15C 1.5 with a power of 156 HP (230 Nm), which is paired with a six-speed “mechanics” or seven-speed “robotized” gearbox with two clutches. Drive all versions Jetour X70 – only the front.


Price X70M lies in the range from 64 to 79 900 900 yuan ($9 200 – $11 300). Crossover X70 will cost 69 900 – 120 900 yuan ($9 900 – $17 200), and for the “Sportivny” X70S need to put 76 900 – 127 900 yuan ($11 000 – $18 200).

Meanwhile, last week brought brand Jetour on the home market a different new flagship crossover X95.

Outside of China Jetour cars is not going to sell.

Bring Jetour X70M to us?

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