Chery with roof landing pad

Chery with roof landing pad


Chery Holding has presented a new model – Jetour T-X SUV with a brutal design, which will be able to compete with the Tank 300 from Great Wall. The production T-X is known to have a frame structure, permanent all-wheel drive and adaptive suspension. From the unusual solutions – a platform for take-off and landing of a quadcopter on the roof, retractable door handles and illumination of the name of the Jetour sub-brand located in the front. The novelty is predicted to have a hybrid power plant and a function of recharging from an outlet.

At the heart of the Jetour T-X is the Kunpeng architecture, designed for ICE, rechargeable, conventional or series hybrids, as well as electric and hydrogen vehicles. However, the T-X is likely to get by with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Portal “Chinese Cars” provides some technical details about the SUV. So, for example, the total cruising range will be 1000 kilometers, and the fuel consumption will not exceed 1 liter per 100 kilometers.

As for the design of the SUV, like the Tank 300, it is made in the style of the Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender: the car has widened wheel arches, a high bonnet line and angular optics.

The presented copy is still in the status of a concept, but the production version will not be long in coming. It is possible that on the way to the conveyor Jetour T-X will be simplified, although the general style of the brutal car will still remain.

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