Chevrolet Bolt cars were outlawed

Chevrolet Bolt cars were outlawed


The GM battery problem, which cost the company $ 1.8 billion and affects every Chevrolet Bolt EV and Chevrolet Bolt EUV ever produced, appears to be getting worse.

The lack of battery modules that are free from defects prompted GM to discontinue production of both models. Meanwhile, another model recently caught fire, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, which could be related to a battery issue.

More recently, Reddit user scarls13 posted a photo with a sign banning Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles in an open parking lot in San Francisco. This may only be one case, but who knows – maybe we will see more of these signs, depending on how the review develops.

Earlier, the General Motors concern announced the recall of a large number of Chevrolet Bolt copies. The reason for the recall is a possible failure of the high-voltage battery modules of the electric vehicle. There is a risk of fire if the battery is charged to full or near capacity. It will take years, if not months, to fix the problem, especially if GM allocates some of the batteries for the production of new cars. On top of that, there is a physical replacement operation at dealerships.

To reduce the likelihood of fire, Bolt owners are requested not to charge more than 90% of the state of charge, or discharge less than about 113 km of the remaining range (which is close to 30% SOC). For the time being, it is recommended to store cars outside.

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