Chevrolet Camaro received a “cherry” version. Only 10 of them will be released.

Chevrolet Camaro received a “cherry” version. Only 10 of them will be released.


Chevrolet has announced the Wild Cherry Edition of the 2022 Camaro. Such a sports car will become ultra-rare: in total, the company plans to release 10 copies, and all of them will be available exclusively in the Japanese market. The special edition is based on the entry-level Camaro LT RS and is priced at ¥ 5,990,000 ($ 52,700). Chevrolet has already started accepting orders for sports cars that will begin shipping to customers in May 2022.

The special version was named in honor of a special – although not new – Wild Cherry Tintcoat body paint. The deep cherry paintwork is contrasted with the silver stripes on the Camaro’s bonnet. The Wild Cherry Edition is also recognizable from the outside by the unique five-twin-spoke wheels.

Chevrolet decided to keep a little intrigue by posting only one photo of the car’s exterior. The interior can only be judged by the verbal description: it is decorated in Jet Black and Adrenaline Red.

Chevrolet Camaro has four years left to live. It will retire in 2026, making way for a new electric sedan. Before that, however, the high-performance ZL1 model will receive a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine from the hot Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing – this will be the farewell version of the muscle car, produced since 1966.

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