Chevrolet cars available to segment to turn to Ukraine


As part of the spil alliance that pleases General Motors, AT UzAuto Motors has made a splash about the sprint of sales of Chevrolet cars available to the segment in Ukraine.

Three models – the popular A-class model Chevrolet Spark and the legendary B-class sedan Chevrolet Cobalt and the Chevrolet Nexia represent the Chevrolet model available to the segment on the Ukrainian market.

Good sales and service of Chevrolet cars Available to the segment in Ukraine will be the official distributor of the company Ravon Motors Ukraine.

Another company Ravon Motors Ukraine is aimed at the progressive development of dealer hedge and the provision of crediting programs separately from provincial Ukrainian banks, to secure the purchase of Chevrolet Spark, Cobalt and Nexia models for the prices of competitors.

Ravon Motors Ukraine water hour plans to increase sales and improve the position of Chevrolet vehicles available to the segment on the Ukrainian market, including those who compete for the transfer of prices and quality of Chevrolet models.

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