Chevrolet hinted at electric Camaro

Chevrolet hinted at electric Camaro


The concern General Motors has shared details about the program for the electrification of existing models and new cars. One of them was already confirmed, the Chevrolet Bolt, a Hummer, and electric vehicles under the brands Buick and Cadillac. On one of the slides was spotted a teaser of the sports car, in outline resembling a Camaro, with the battery pack in the floor.

The image regarded as an allusion to the emergence of all-electric modification Camaro. If this electric car will hit the market, it will be built on a new platform GM, specially developed for environmentally friendly cars. However, it is unlikely Camaro with the change of generations will lose their versions with internal combustion engine – most likely, the modification will be offered as an alternative.


In the summer of last year reported that GM is considering to abandon the production Camaro in 2023 due to the low demand for sports car. In the group, these rumors are not confirmed.

What do you think, is it really an electric Camaro?

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