Chevrolet legends of rock

Chevrolet legends of rock


An unusual restomod based on the 1970 Chevrolet Nova coupe is being sold on the Bring a Trailer online site. The car was developed by order of the founder and guitarist of the group Van Halen, winner of the Grammy award Eddie van Halen.

Now for the Chevrolet Nova sports car they offer 60 thousand dollars, but there are still four days left until the end of the auction. The restomod has retained only a large part of the body from the classic model, which, as part of the modernization, was repainted and some of the elements were replaced with carbon ones. In addition, the Chevrolet Nova received alternative bumpers, as well as new 18 and 19-inch KWC wheels.

The standard car suspension was replaced with pneumatic components on Ridetech components with anti-roll bars, and the braking system received Wilwood mechanisms. The steering mechanism was also finalized by specialists.

Under the hood of the Chevrolet Nova restomod is an 8-cylinder engine of the LSX series with a working volume of 7.4 liters with modernized injection and exhaust. The engine’s performance has not been disclosed; some estimates put it at around 650 horsepower. The power unit works in conjunction with a 6-speed Tremec “mechanics”.

The completely redesigned interior of the Chevrolet Nova retains the vintage tones, but received, for example, air conditioning, a new dashboard and Sparco buckets, which were finished in Alcantara. The seat of the back sofa was given under the roll cage. Since its development, the restomod has traveled only 1.7 thousand miles (2.7 thousand km). Former Chevrolet Nova owner Eddie van Halen passed away on October 6, 2020. The restomod was put up for sale by his nephew.

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