Chevrolet patented strange brake discs

Chevrolet patented strange brake discs


In several places on the surface of the rotor cut the logo of the brand.

Edition of Car and Driver found the patent application on the creation of brand brake disc Chevrolet. They are decorative inlays on the rotor and the Central part of the disk in the form of a brand logo.


From the application it follows that “we need to provide a way for an effective and durable marking of components without excessive costs to the production process or deterioration of their quality”. However, journalists have criticized the idea, calling it tasteless and compared with “fake plastic intakes are the classic Buicks.

However, the fact that Chevrolet has patented his idea, does not mean that it will be implemented. For example, before Ford presented several ideas to transform ordinary cars in the “cinema on wheels”.

The company said that the patent application is standard practice for automakers. The fact that such technology is developed, does not guarantee that it will be implemented in production cars.

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