Chevrolet showed electric cross-universal size with “Octavia”

Chevrolet showed electric cross-universal size with “Octavia”


Premiere of docobject Chevrolet Menlo was held in Hefei Chinese.

Chevrolet has unveiled the electric cross-universal for the Chinese market. The novelty, named Menlo, is in size comparable with the current Octavia: the length of the electric vehicle Chevrolet — 4665 millimeters, two millimeters less than the Skoda.

Chevrolet Menlo is the serial version of the concept car FNR-X sample 2017. The General architecture of the exterior is preserved, but the pipeline model has a private front optics, the design of the hood and front bumper, got rear view mirrors and door handles.

The beauty news is kept secret: exhibited at the event, Chevrolet Gala Night instance differed tightly toned glass. General Motors has confirmed that Merlo will get a new multimediasystem MyLink with voice control, and remote access from mobile devices.


At the start of sales Menlo will be equipped with 150-horsepower (torque of 350 Nm) electric motor in China. Drive to the front wheels. Capacity lithium-ion traction battery is not named, we only know that the power reserve model on the NEDC cycle is 410 kilometers. Information about the chassis not disclosed, but it is most likely that Chevrolet will share Menlo old “truck” Chevrolet Lacetti with the Buick Velite in favor of this version says the same wheelbase 2660 mm.

For Chevrolet electric Merlo — a chance to increase sales in the Chinese market. The model will be localized to the joint venture of SAIC and General Motors and will be on sale in the first half of 2020. Prices yet to be announced, but local media believe that the starting price is not previsit 200 thousand yuan.

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