Chevrolet will turn the Equinox crossover into an electric car

Chevrolet will turn the Equinox crossover into an electric car


SAIC-GM has registered with the Chinese Patent Office (CNIPA) the design of an electric version for the Chevrolet Equinox gasoline SUV. This is not the first attempt to “green” the model. In 2006, the Equinox Fuel Cell was released on hydrogen, but was launched only in a small series for research. Now the experiments are over, because the General Motors concern intends to produce 30 electric vehicles by 2025.

Equinox (4646x1843x1695 mm, between axles 2725) is available in China in versions 535T (1.5, 169 hp, 250 Nm) and 550T RS (2.0, 237 hp, 350 Nm) with six- and nine-speed ” automatic machines, front and all-wheel drive. Prices – 169,900-239,900 yuan (26,300-37,100 dollars). 14,991 units were sold in half a year.

The hood and running lights are the same, but the fenders, bumpers and skirts are new. The grille is removed together with the outlet pipes. The lanterns are connected by an optical fiber. Wheels with low rolling resistance are installed. Instead of roof rails, autopilot sensors are built into the roof. Spoiler modified.

The specs of the electric car are not yet available, but GM has Ultium Drive power modules and advanced batteries. The Equinox EV will follow in the footsteps of the Bolt hatchbacks with 150 kW (204 PS; 360 Nm), the Cadillac Lyriq crossover with 255 kW (347 PS; 440 Nm) and the GMC Hummer EV with 746 kW (1,014 PS). s., 15 592 Nm). The launch of the electric version is expected in 2022.

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