Chevrolet’s seven-door megapiup is on sale

Chevrolet’s seven-door megapiup is on sale


In Colorado, the United States put up for sale an extremely entertaining limousine built on the basis of a full-size pickup truck Chevrolet Silverado.

It is noteworthy that the car was created not for celebrations, but for family use. The announcement of the sale of the giant car was published on the Facebook page of user Kurt Barnhart.

The car has as many as seven doors. There are three standard doors on each side and one that opens against the direction of travel on the starboard side. Inside the car there are three full rows of seats, with separate armchairs installed on the first two rows, and a solid sofa on the third.

Also, the creators did not forget about the extremely spacious Luggage compartment. But even if this space is not enough, then you can attach a full-fledged motorhome after the pickup truck.

For passengers ‘ entertainment, there are two ceiling-mounted DVD players with 17.3-inch screens.

The seller notes that the engine and 6-speed automatic transmission were recently moved, as well as the suspension was repaired. It is noteworthy that due to the increased weight of the car, the suspension had to be strengthened, and the body lowered by 7.5 centimeters.

A 2002 Chevrolet Silverado was used to create the megapicap. The owner asks for 30 thousand dollars for his unique car.

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