Chevy brought out to the test sports model Camaro third generation

Chevy brought out to the test sports model Camaro third generation

The guys from the American company brought to the test of the sport model of the Camaro’s third generation, which was discontinued 27 years ago. The machine is seen on the proving grounds of American concern GM.

Sports car third generation Camaro was discontinued in 1992, so why has it been detected at the test site of the American concern GM now? Whatever it is, I noticed the car had a number plate manufacturer and the sticker on the windshield, giving permission to work on the test site.

That still doesn’t explain why Chevy tested the car, which was discontinued 27 years ago, but still foreign publications, which published these “spy” photos were able to notice something rather interesting. Starting to follow the prototype Camaro, journalists listened carefully to his shift pattern and came to the conclusion that the car has a 6-speed manual transmission. For the third generation is characteristic with only 5-speed “mechanics” and 4-step “automatic.

As for the engine, then the mysterious car probably had a small block V8 hiding under the bulging hood. He had the four pipe exhaust system and roll cage, so definitely not your ordinary Camaro 1982-1992 sample years. Perhaps the biggest clue that reveals the true identity of the car, located behind the front wheels and the rear bumper, where we see the icons of GM Performance Parts.

It can be assumed that this prototype was used as a testing ground for future products General Motors. Might have been some tests with the suspension, considering that the Camaro seems to have got a slightly higher ground clearance.

As for a completely new generation model, it is in limbo – some rumors say that the next Chevy Camaro will appear in 2023, while others suggest that the model disappear altogether and then come back as electric vehicles.

Not so long ago our newspaper wrote about that in the network appeared a photo of the rear of the new Chevy Corvette (C8). Due to leakage of information, we can now look at American novelty, with the average location of the engine … but only on the back part. The official presentation of the Chevrolet Corvette next-generation (C8) will be held on July 18.