Childbirth on “autopilot”: a curious case in the USA

Childbirth on “autopilot”: a curious case in the USA


33-year-old Yiran Sherri from Philadelphia (USA) gave birth to a baby in a Tesla electric car while the car was driving on autopilot.

The Phildadelphia Inquirer writes about this.

The second child of the spouses Yiran and Keating Sherri – Maeve Lily – was born on September 9 this year. On that day, the woman expected labor pains to begin, but did not know when it would happen. At about 8 am she was still doing household chores: washing and packing her 3-year-old son Raf to the kindergarten.

After Keating put the child in the back seat of the car to bring him to school, he decided to check the condition of his wife. And not in vain: at this time, the woman’s water just broke.

Yiran tried to convince her husband to first bring his son, and then return to her. But Keating decided that timing was of the essence, so he decided to take his wife to the hospital right away with his son in the back seat. By that time, the woman’s contractions were so strong that she barely got into the car.

The couple drove to a local hospital, but the road was packed with cars during the morning rush hour. Keating then put Tesla on autopilot in a hospital in the suburbs to take care of his wife at the same time.

“She squeezed my hand so hard that I felt like she was about to crush it. I told Yiran, “Okay, focus on your breathing.” But that was advice for me too. My adrenaline went off scale, “the man said.

The trip to the hospital took about 20 minutes. But while the couple reached the hospital, Yiran had already given birth. A pediatrician stood at the front door of the institution, who, seeing the couple, immediately called the doctors. However, everything went well: the doctors only cut off the umbilical cord and announced that the girl was quite healthy.

The woman said that while she was with her daughter in the hospital, nurses constantly came to her to see the “baby from Tesla”. The couple even thought to name the girl Tess, after the electric car manufacturer who helped them. But in the end we decided to stick with the name Maeve Lily.

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