China has developed a new kind of car battery

China has developed a new kind of car battery

Chinese researchers have developed a technology for high-energy lithium-ion battery, which can provide a car mileage of 300 km per 10 minute charge.

Presentation of the new technology from the company Folta was held in Hangzhou, Xinhua news Agency reported.

“The key to this fast-charging technology is the development of fast Li-ion conductive material,” said Zhou Xiaoping, Professor of chemical engineering Hunan University and head of research projects of the company Volta.

The material consists mainly of low impedance ionic compounds that can not only increase the efficiency of batteries, but also reduce the security risks associated with the deposition of lithium during charge and discharge, said Zhou Xiaoping.

Volta together with an unnamed Chinese automaker has completed the testing of new batteries, and they are ready to transfer on an industrial basis.

Industry experts believe that a breakthrough in the technology of fast charging will make electric cars more popular, to reduce charging time and improve safety.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Committee of experts of the State Committee of energy resources Xu Dinamina, Volta made further improvements and innovations in existing technology.

“Industrial production is the next step, which will give the Chinese car industry on new sources of energy industry and energy storage a promising impetus,” he said.

Xu Jinmin noted that it still required a large number of tests before this new technology can cause a “revolution fast charging” in the industry and, thus, accelerate industrial transformation and to serve as a green model of development.

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