China has found a way to increase the efficiency of electric vehicles

China has found a way to increase the efficiency of electric vehicles


Experiments have shown that batteries made with a new material capable of supporting the vehicle’s performance even in extremely cold conditions.

China started a line for production of electrodes of the rare earth alloys drives hydrogen based on magnesium and Nickel, which can improve the efficiency of batteries for electric vehicles by 30%.

It is reported by the CTS with reference to Eco Town.

Numerous experiments have shown that Ni-MH rechargeable power battery, manufactured using the new material, is able to maintain stable operation of the vehicle even in extremely cold conditions.


It is noted that the Nickel metal hydride power battery with electrodes made of rare earth alloy-hydrogen storage based on magnesium and Nickel have a great potential in the field of hybrid vehicles, the solid-state storage of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells.

The market has already received 280 kg of electrode products produced by this production line.

Earlier, we wrote that the engineers of the Chinese automotive company BYD has developed a new compact battery, the maximum load which will improve the safety of electric vehicles compared with similar lithium-ion batteries. The strength development was tested using the plugging in the battery nails.

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