China launches plants in Wuhan

China launches plants in Wuhan


With this environment, the Chinese government started to undo restrictive measures, kept in quarantine tens of millions of people. In Hubei province, became the center of the distribution COVID-19, March 18 not registered any new case of infection. In this regard running trains on which employees return to the stopped factories. The provincial capital is the city of Wuhan is the automotive center of China. Here are located the headquarters of the largest Chinese suppliers of car components, a lot of European and Japanese companies moved their power.

Car factories of China have stood for more than 50 days, now the work starts under the slogan “Urgent resumption of work and production!”, writes the largest newspaper of the Chinese Communist party People’s Daily. Renault will run the local plant in the coming Monday 30 March, and the plant in the neighboring Shiane already loaded at full capacity since March 11. Japanese Honda has announced that it has launched three enterprises in Wuhan. Nissan opened a factory located in Xianyang (Hubei), where the work began Friday 27 March.


Concern Dongfeng, based in Wuhan, it is the third largest automobile group China in sales, it employs more than 160 thousand employees. This week, Dongfeng has received permission from authorities to run all their business units in Hubei since Monday. Together with the restarted Assembly plants automatically start to work and their suppliers. For example, a plastics manufacturer Huangshi Jinghua Plastic Mould have brought to work half the staff. In early April, will start production of another Chinese automaker, SAIC Corporation, in Hubei from this group is a joint venture with GM.

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