China will print the budget electric car on a 3D printer

China will print the budget electric car on a 3D printer


Startup XEV from China started raising money to build electric citicar cost about 6 to 700 dollars.

The technology, dubbed YoYo, got a length of only 2.5 meters. It is worth noting that the Smart fortwo is about 2.7 meters in length. By design, the citicar is quite simple and consists of 57 separate elements that are easily printed on a 3D printer. However, a number of elements will be produced in the usual way – this chassis, glass, tires and power plant. On assurance of developers, the creation of the bumper will take about 4 hours, roof – 5 hours, and on a door – 8 hours.

The car will be able to pass all security tests – it will be equipped with protective rails, ROPS, anti-lock braking system and even a airbag, according to the Tarantas.News. Due to 3D printing customers can easily personalize your car or repair the damaged parts.


The YoYo motion is driven by a 7.5-kW motor, the power which is provided from the low voltage LiFePO4 battery 9.2 kWh On a single charge electric citicar will be able to travel up to 150 miles and accelerate to maximum 150 km/h. the Battery can be recharged from a household outlet, in addition to replace with a new patented Battery Swapping System. This optional service will automatically inform the technical center XEV on low battery.

Forecast management XEV, the first vehicles will be available for around 6 thousand dollars. However, after starting full-scale production will rise to 7 US $ 995.

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