#Chinachem. Second series. Become international

#Chinachem. Second series. Become international


The video stream that you continue to send us after the first (pilot) issue of the “Chinachem”, does not dry out. To our great joy, because in each of the new commercials that we watch can be hidden the same “Wow, it turned out great! I want to see and hear more!”

The second series of headings once again convinced us that too many cars do not exist, and that your experience of their operation – priceless. Team work InfoCar – to tell you about new cars, but, unfortunately, we don’t know how they will behave after many thousands of kilometers. And with all our desire to cover the whole global model range InfoCar will fail.

But at this point to help you come. For example, in this issue #Chinachem showed us the “teaser” video about the future operation of the 1.0-litre three-cylinder Ford Focus that drove over 181 thousand km! Yes this is priceless information! Our judges also approved a future story about the Range Rover Sport 2006, 300 thousand km of mileage and the 4.2-liter engine on gas. The story of Subaru Legacy 2007, who all this time was in one hand and drove 115 thousand km And…

In short, you understand: there is a lot of exciting content that we all provide you, our viewers and readers. Content from around the world (InfoCar can now officially be considered almost an international project), content that you can create on your own or with family (have you ever seen a review of a car from father, mother and son?), content where you teach us how to do our reviews better.

Well, enjoy the second series of creativity and cars. And remember that we are still accepting your stories.

Pleasant viewing!

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