China’s Most Futuristic Car Gadget Tested!

China’s Most Futuristic Car Gadget Tested!


I saw this future tech randomly online and thought I’d test it out on my new McLaren. Well, the result speaks for itself 不不Follow me on:

check out what’s in here guys got myself some new tech for the mclaren look this is actually solar powered let me show you what this baby can do all right light as a feather all right just gotta click this on here and then check this out it has its own little remote boom okay watch this all right you need some help all right all right i think it got ripped off this is the most rubbish car cover ever no oh my god what’s up guys supercar blondie here um i got this from china can you tell not at all uh so right um well seeing as it doesn’t fit my car um i want to show you actually how it goes back in because this is quite cool all right let’s get it off so do you grab the other side make sure it’s not is it not hooked all right so once you’ve covered your car successfully and you come back to your car you want to uncover right so check this out i’m going to press this one right here the lock button faster faster is it going to work on his own hello i just gave up no no it’s working it’s working look at this this is an astounding piece of technology it’s even washing my windscreen as it goes around oh yeah what a bargain that was sick look at that that was cool huh okay the cargo was a bit rubbish and to be honest like who would actually want to put this thing on top of their car imagine like this is soji everyone imagine getting this out of your car like i didn’t just like yeah nothing to see here like the same thing what if someone just takes it like because it’s pretty easy to just oh no i have a solution for that you just wait i ordered this for 200 bucks from china which isn’t cheap to be honest with you 200 bucks 200 dollars doesn’t even work well that’s slight point isn’t it i just thought right i saw this on some random website i thought i need a car cover i don’t have one let me check this one out see what it can actually do okay and it’s not that great isn’t it so i’ve got a little goodie bag here this is what came with the car cover thingymabob and i’ve got i’ve got some clamps jump cables i cannot find anywhere to put this in so flip it around there has to be a connection i mean if it’s like i don’t know i think it’s just there for show just for decoration like you know 200 bucks you’re like oh yeah some extras sweet this is the only thing that i can find that actually might do something but [ __ ] it in nice i’m now selling these cables if you would like to buy them for the cheap cheap price of 100 bucks each i will send them right out to you we got discounts discounts discount code supercar all right so that’s the first thing that came the second thing actually we have instructions oh well if i’d only seen that earlier that would have made things easier you and i are both on the same page now we know exactly what’s happening oh it’s also oh it’s in english you’re kidding me it is in english the lock is set these guys literally spelled everything wrong so here you have manufacturerto and open it now you were talking about what if you were to steal it right because when you when you walk away from the car and you’ve got the car cover on someone’s going to obviously see this and go damn this thing looks good i want it i need i want to steal it right so this baby is meant to attach somewhere here look i’m going to feed that through there here we go here we go here we go here we go all right and if you just pull that a bit closer sergi this is a lot of work for a car car it’s really light isn’t it this is meant to be yeah technology of the future okay oh wait where’s the baggie there’s a lot bag is here oh wow there’s a lock in there now you might be surprised to learn that this video has not been sponsored by this company um look here we go there we go see look how pretty that is that’s like a car necklace isn’t it just dangling on the side of your car it looks sturdy now try and steal it hey i mean yeah what you could do is actually you could probably just like unscrew this or like snap that bit off right it’s plastic that’s pretty much it you guys so don’t all rush at once to buy one i mean look at the quality on the solar panels just to reiterate that we’re talking about a prestigious piece of technology look i was at first i was like wait who would want to put this stuff on the top of their car like that could scratch it but it’s rubber yeah so it’s safe let’s rub up so it’s fine it actually hasn’t done anything so does this get the supercar blandy seal of approval is it worth two hundred dollars actually it is worth more than that now because i bought the last one on the market so if you’d like this baby just comment right now i’ll send it your way for one thousand dollars what a steal nice okay so you know what that’s my gift to you you’re welcome there you go yeah you can keep this for your car oh my god you’re very welcome all right that’s it i hope you enjoyed the video i just saw this thing i wanted to show you i actually wanted to see myself if it would work like the video and if you want to make your friends laugh share it around alright that’s it i love you guys thanks for being part of my fam i’m out bye god

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