Chinese autopilot drove almost 3,000 km

Chinese autopilot drove almost 3,000 km


Chinese electric vehicle startup Xpeng reached a milestone in March in the development of its autonomous driving system for highways known as Navigation Guided Pilot.

NGP is part of the Xpilot suite, which brings together all of the Xpeng’s electronic driver assistance functions. It belongs to the second level of autopilot, as the system still requires the driver to take control from time to time. However, there is little human intervention in the management process.

In March, Xpeng invited 228 journalists, bloggers and industry experts to test NGP on the Xpeng P7 sedans plying between the Chinese cities of Guangzhou and Beijing. The specific route was chosen due to the difficult situations that vehicles may encounter.

The cars left Guangzhou on March 19 and arrived in Beijing a week later. In total, vehicles with NGP covered about 2,900 km. The automaker found that the system required an average of 0.71 corrections per 100 kilometers.

Other results include 94.41% success in lane changes and overtaking maneuvers, 92.76% at ramps and 94.45% in tunnels.

NGP relies on an array of sensors as well as GPS navigation and high definition mapping data. The sensors include 14 cameras, five millimeter-wave radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors, all processed by an Nvidia Drive Xavier computer chip.

The Xpeng P7 used in the test is an electric sedan that debuted at Auto Shanghai 2019. The car’s largest battery has a capacity of 80.9 kWh, and its most powerful powerplant is a twin-engine, with a return of about 430 h.p. Xpeng also sells a crossover called the G3 and is developing a smaller sedan called the P5.

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