Chinese Baidu has developed a competitor to the electric truck Tesla Semi

Chinese Baidu has developed a competitor to the electric truck Tesla Semi


Chinese company DeepWay, founded by IT giant Baidu and US software localizer Lionbridge, has unveiled its new Xingtu electric truck. The car, which begins production in 2023, will be able to compete with the Tesla Semi.

The car was equipped with an autonomous control system based on 10 cameras, 3 infrared sensors and several more radars that scan the traffic situation at a distance of up to 1 kilometer. Artificial intelligence is based on a powerful computer capable of performing up to 500 trillion operations per second.

The automatic control system corresponds to the third level autopilot: the car can completely independently move along certain routes. In the future, the developers are going to bring the system to the fourth level: the truck will be able to drive without human intervention, but at the same time it will retain external controls.

With a maximum load of 49 tons, a 450 kWh battery pack will provide a 300 km range on a single charge.

Previously, Baidu unveiled its first car, which the company calls a “robo-car”. The concept car, called Apollo, received a fully unmanned system, as well as a cabin without external controls, including no steering wheel or pedals.

Smart, New Energy, Heavy-Duty Freight Unveiled | Introducing the Baidu Apollo-Powered Xingtu

Baidu-backed DeepWay unveiled Xingtu, a smart heavy-duty truck powered by Baidu Apollo’s #AD tech. Designed to enable L3 and soon L4 autonomous driving on high-speed freight routes, it marks Baidu’s entry into the USD multi-trillion global freight market.

Published by Baidu Inc. Friday 17 September 2021

The Chinese have not yet announced plans for the serial production of such machines. At the same time, in the first half of 2021, Baidu launched its own automatic taxi service in China called Go Robotaxi, which opened its branches in the megacities of Beijing, Changsha, Guangzhou and Cangzhou. Autonomous vehicles have already transported more than 400 thousand passengers, and the total distance traveled has exceeded 14 million kilometers.

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