Chinese coronavirus struck the Hyundai

Chinese coronavirus struck the Hyundai


Hyundai will temporarily suspend plant operation in South Korea because of the failure of the supply of spare parts. In particular, we are talking about the lack of materials for wiring – they are made by a Chinese company, where analysis of the samples of one of the employees to 2019 coronavirus-nCoV gave a positive result.

Factories in South Korea produce 40 percent of the global volume of Hyundai cars. All businesses are heavily dependent on supplies of spare parts from China. According to Autocar, in the beginning of the week, the company suspended production of crossovers Palisade and now looking for possible solutions to the problem, including considering options to enter into agreements with other firms.


The South Korean manufacturer was the first who has suspended operations due 2019 coronavirus-nCoV outside of China. Other companies – Tesla, Ford and Peugeot – is confined to the freezing of the business activities in the country: closed factories, cancelled trips in and out of China.

Pneumonia caused by a coronavirus 2019-nCoV, as of the morning of the 4th Feb ill 20679 people, the majority in China’s Hubei province. The infection is also found in the United States, Japan, Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy, UK and UAE.

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