Chinese “Jamnik,” is “Gaelic”: details about the new Haval

Chinese “Jamnik,” is “Gaelic”: details about the new Haval


On the home market the new brand Haval, owned by the company Great Wall will be released before the end of this year. About the technique of information is still there, but seems to clear up the issue with the positioning of the model.

The new Haval lit up in April – then the Network has leaked a couple of pictures, one of which seems to be “seized” with touchscreen multimedia system. Later appeared “live” photo, this time with masked test samples. And now, finally, released official sketches. Well, a local publication Autohome threw a few fresh photos from the tests of the new.


So the Chinese media claim that the author of the brutal appearance “of piatigorski” is Phil Simmons, who holds the post of chief designer Hawala 2018 (previously he worked in Land Rover and Ford). However, it is possible that Simmons personally, the car is still not painted, and sent a team of stylists. The novelty of the “square” body and round led headlamps, the rear lights are made L-shaped.

The interior was original – there is a virtual “tidy” with the “visor” (his appointment is unclear), a multimedia system with a curved one side of a touch screen, vertical blocks, air vents and washer instead of the traditional gear lever.

Before “celestial” profile media believed that the model will be position as the Haval H5 next generation (this frame SUV produced since 2005, its market career began as the Great Wall Hover), but now the Chinese have another version – say, a car at all will open a new series of Haval. However, as it will set, is still unknown. We will remind, today, two full Haval line – H and F. Plus a “renegade” M6 (H6 built on the basis of the first generation).


Chinese media reports that the nameless model is a new platform, but the frame is a single word. Information on the dimensions of the “piatigorski” yet either, as the motors.

In China new Haval will present before the end of this year. After the model master the home market, it will surely reach other countries.

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