Chinese patent Benda fashion cruiser

Chinese patent Benda fashion cruiser


The patent, filed July 10, the Chinese company Benda, describes a real cruiser. According to the rumors the bike is called Benda BD700.

Many Chinese manufacturers are gaining confidence, producing motorcycles for the major European and Japanese monocompany. In China significantly increased the quality of the products, so let’s hope that Benda BD700 will not fail.


Features Benda BD700:

  • inline, four-cylinder engine working volume of 700 cm3 (very similar to the Honda motor CB650R, but not an exact copy)
  • aluminum frame
  • two-way, big pendulum aluminium
  • exhaust system 4в4
  • designed in the style of Ducati Diavel
  • led optics
  • LCD tidy
  • ABS

Overall, it can get very interesting bike.

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