Chinese premium sedan based on the Mazda 6 got a new engine

Chinese premium sedan based on the Mazda 6 got a new engine


Owned group FAW Hongqi brand (“Hunza” or “red banner”) is preparing to bring to market an upgraded “cityradio” H5. Externally, the sedan has not changed, the main new thing under the hood.

Under the brand Hongqi in China since 1958 produced limousines for the local party elite. With 90 years began to produce cars for the middle-level officials, and the first “market” model in the series appeared in 2013 – it became the H7 large sedan, created on the previous rear-drive platform of the Toyota Crown. Four years later debuted younger “cityradio” index H5, it is built on the basis of the then Mazda 6 (from owning Hongqi brand of FAW group have a joint venture with Mazda). In a free market “five” Hongqi was received in mid-2018, the last year the sedan is the best seller of the brand: sold 45 092 of the vehicle. Hongqi and soon will bring to market the upgraded H5, its photos and specifications have made in the local database of the Ministry of industry.


Judging by the pictures, the exterior design of the five did not change, except that the crest on the hood was a different, less hazardous for pedestrians. Dimensions, respectively, were also the same: the length is 4945 mm, width – 1845 mm, height – 1470 mm wheelbase 2875 mm. For comparison, the sizes of the Mazda 6: 4865/1840/1450 mm, distance between axes – 2830 mm. interior Photos of the Chinese certification body traditionally does not publish. It is not excluded that, according to the latest fashion, H5 got a virtual “tidy” (in the current model of the analog devices, between them, have a colour screen) and a new multimedia system with a large touchscreen.

The main new thing is under the hood. So, today, Hongqi H5 is available with only one engine is petrol “turboservice” 1.8 own development FAW (factory index CA4GC18TD-11). And soon the model can be bought even with a four-cylinder 1.5 turbo engine with a power of 169 HP (CA4GB15TD-30), also the development of FAW. While the 1.8 engine has increased the return – from 178 to 197 HP (upgraded motor has index CA4GC18TD-30).

Box in documents of the Ministry of industry not specified. A-liter engine recently started to equip and crossover FAW T77, in this model it is combined with a six-speed “mechanics” or seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches. Pre-reform Hongqi H5 1.8 is available only with a classic six-speed “automatic”.


The appearance of the five youngest of the motor means that the sedan will be cheaper. The current model with the 1.8 engine will cost at least 146 800 yuan ($20 750).

Meanwhile, Hongqi prepared to bring to the Chinese market another product – a flagship sedan H9 with the design in the style of Rolls-Royce.

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